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It allows images and objects to be embedded in the webpage. ASP is used to design user-interactive or dynamic web pages. HTML is basically used to create static web pages. ASP is case sensitive.

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HTML is not case sensitive. NET pages can connect to the database so as to derive its content.

Difference Between a Static & a Dynamic Website ( Tutorial with visual Aids)

HTML cannot connect to a database. The ASP engine reads the file, line by line, and then executes the script line by line.

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Dynamic Web Programming and HTML5

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An online shop would use databases to automate the prices of products. Product details will be stored in a database on a server and the owner could update the database on the server, rather than updating the prices in HTML on a static page. Scripting is a form of programming designed to execute at runtime. This book provides a comprehensive and up-to-date guide to Web pro- gramming covering new Web standards and emphasising dynamism and user- friendliness.

Dynamic Web programming and HTML5 /

The text helps you master Web development with a well-selected set of topics. Hands-on practice is encouraged; it is the only way to gain experience with the technologies and techniques for building superb sites. An overwiew of the Web and Internet gets you a whole-forest view rst.

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There are many examples and complete programs ready to run. A summary and exercises of varying degrees of difficulty can be found at the end of each chapter. A companion website provides appendices, information updates, an example code package, and other resources for instructors as well as students. See page for details.

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