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Additionally, Garden Grove Brewery of Carytown will be onsite for the second weekend of each show pouring a custom beer, created exclusively for the Festival! A portion of sales from these vendors will benefit Quill Theatre and Agecroft Hall. We'll also be celebrating the 20th year of the Festival by co-sponsoring BardCycle. He'll be starting with us at Romeo and Juliet on June 1st! Follow him on Twitter and Instagram BardCycle to follow his journey.

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Click here to learn more about BardCycle. Back by popular demand! Last seen this April at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, join us for a special remounted run of Romeo and Juliet , the most famous love story of all time!

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The story: in Verona, Italy, torn by civil hatred and uncontrollable street brawling, the teenaged son and daughter of rival families meet by accident, and fall passionately in love. Almost immediately, erupting violence and tragic deaths destroy the plan to reveal this marriage and unite their families. Desperate, the teens risk everything to rescue their doomed love…. This year, Quill Theatre is partnering with E. Foundation, a local non-profit whose mission is the eradication of food deserts and the promotion of food equality.

They use pop-up dining events as a platform to educate, fundraise, and increase awareness of the problem of food-inequity throughout the community. Ticket includes dinner, wine pairings, and reserved seating for the show. Space is limited! Duke Frederick has overthrown his brother, Duke Senior, who has fled to the Forest of Arden with a group of followers, including a courtier named Jaques. Duke Frederick snubs Orlando instead of rewarding him. Rosalind, however, gives Orlando something of hers to wear.

Duke Frederick banishes his niece Rosalind from court. Celia insists on accompanying Rosalind and they hatch a plan to take Touchstone the fool and seek the banished Duke in the Forest of Arden. Adam warns Orlando that Oliver plans to murder him and the two of them flee. All the trials and tangles work out in the end with four happy marriages.

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No, there is stadium style seating in the courtyard. The seats have backs, but no cushion. Feel free to bring one! You may bring a chair to picnic on the grounds. Is there Accessible seating available? Please give the Box Office notice if you will require Accessible seating, and the staff will mark off enough seats for you and your party in the appropriate section. The Box Office can be reached at Is seating General Admission, and what time should I arrive to get a good seat?

Shakespeare´s Sisters Stay

Author Tara, Jane, Author. Physical Description p. Summary Annotation. The Shakespeare women were what the locals of Greenwich Village called "gifted.

follow And each morning, Rowie would perform her popular weather prediction on the pavement outside. Sure, Rowie's predictions were helpful for forecasting the weather, but when it came to love, her abilities were more like a curse. Why bother dating a guy if you knew at the first kiss he was destined for someone else? And how would she ever meet anyone while she was stuck working at the family shop?

Rowie was resigned to never finding love. Until Drew Henderson, New York's hottest weatherman is injured and the network decides to replace him with a gimmickthe Psychic Weatherwoman.

Shakespears Sister - When She Finds You (Feat. Richard Hawley)

The very scientific Drew is furious. The witch might light up the TV screen. But how dare the network make a mockery of meteorology.

Now Rowie's overbearing grandmother Gwendolyn won't talk to her. Sixteen generations of Shakespeare women have worked in the family business. How dare she make a mockery of her gift. But Rowie loves her new job, and won't let anyone ruin it. Until the day Drew Henderson kisses her, and she can't predict his future. In fact she can't predict anything. Forecast is the first book in the Shakespeare Sisters series.