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Oct 16, Joy rated it really liked it Shelves: high-school , coming-of-age , contemporary , romance , young-adult , goodreads-challenge.

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Meanwhile, her best friend Jelena is r Convince as I'll be referring to it as , picks up where the first book ends. Nov 25, Michelle rated it it was amazing. OMG so I love to to keep a boy from kissing you it was absolutely amazing it is like my ultimate feel good book whenever I read it it just makes me happy and I can never put it down even though I know what's going to happen!! I downloaded the sample on iBooks of how to convince a boy to kiss u and loved it the same! I hope It comes out soon I'm a bit confused in my girlfriend magazine it said the 22nd but then iBooks says the 1st of December I dunno but either way I can way and will probably do OMG so I love to to keep a boy from kissing you it was absolutely amazing it is like my ultimate feel good book whenever I read it it just makes me happy and I can never put it down even though I know what's going to happen!!

I hope It comes out soon I'm a bit confused in my girlfriend magazine it said the 22nd but then iBooks says the 1st of December I dunno but either way I can way and will probably do what I did with the first book buy it on iBooks when it comes out and then go into dymocks and but it again!! Can't wait to read it!! Oct 14, Siobhan Malcolm rated it it was amazing. I hope this one is as good as the first one! Jun 18, Manda rated it it was amazing.

Get excited, Aurora fans, this one is even more delightful than the first! See more of my reviews on The YA Kitten! Aurora and Hayden are just so good together and have you heard the gospel of the palm kiss. Things are on fire from the very first page, in which Aurora and Hayden just want to have a nice pizza date at her house.

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It looks exactly as bad as it sounds. And so begins a lengthy streak of things going wrong every time they try to kiss again. From someone smacking their heads together to being interrupted by the school bell, it seems like everything is against the two! All of it makes Aurora, optimistic romantic extraordinaire, doubt herself and whether her relationship with Hayden is really a relationship.

Though the first half of the book features very little time of them together as a couple, the second half more than makes up for it, as does Hayden being such an incredible, supportive, and dependable boyfriend. Now then, Jelena. Specifically, Julia.

Who is Julia? Especially Alex, whose attempt to blackmail Jelena out of the election with nude photos of her is abominable. For some reason, she seems not to have experienced any character growth? The one good thing Jelena does is take a bunch of people—including Aurora and Hayden—on a disaster of a multiple-day wilderness course that allows our duo to finally talk things out. From the mom who walked out on the family wanting to re-establish their connection to her friend Lindsay no longer being sure she wants to be with Tyler when Aurora got them back together, Aurora has a lot to consider about love.

She was wrong to urge Lindsay to stay with Tyler and make it work throughout this book, though. Eglington has another book already out in Australia My Best Friend is a Goddess as well as another on the way The Long Distance Playlist and is still hard at work on more books. Hopefully, those books will make it over to the United States as well because I want them.

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I really miss Aurora and her friends' shenanigans. Reading about this gang made me nostalgic about high school. There were a lot of fun things happening, and I'm also happy to report that the secondhand embarrassment was less this time around book 1 nearly killed me. I also love how lovable Aurora and Hayden are as a couple, especially in the end. E-ARC is received thanks to the publisher via Netgalley. I loved it!

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There was so much heart in this book and I choked up numerous times. I also chuckled consistently throughout the entire book.

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Aurura is one of the most relatable, likeable female characters in YA contemporary fiction I've ever come across. She's strong, yet vulnerable. She's confident yet also insecure. She's loyal and passionate and definitely someone I'd be proud to call my daughter or have as my friend! I look forward to reading more from Tara Eglington. Jan 11, Rochelle rated it it was amazing Shelves: aww-challenge , aussie-author , aussie-ya , borrowed , first-reads. Tara Eglington has done it again! I love to read a good romantic comedy and this was a great one. Expectations are high, nerves are in over drive.

But of course things never run smoothly for Aurora. The second kiss is a total disaster, which leaves Aurora wondering if Hayden will ever want to kiss her again. Not only does she have her own love life to worry about, she also has to worry about three others. Combine that with a mother who has a life altering announcement and a father who is rekindling an old relationship and Aurora feels like her life is spinning out of control.

All the characters were full of personality, it was like I was hanging out with a group of my friends they felt that real. This one will make you laugh, it will make you squeal, it will make you go all gooey on the inside. Sep 09, Amanda rated it liked it Shelves: high-school , aussie-ya-read-in , for-review , i-have-a-copy , series , harper-collins , romance , aussie , contemporary-fiction , realistic-fiction.

Aurora is still her complex and entertaining self, but I didn't enjoy the plot of this book as much as the previous book. I understand why she did it, it goes back to the way her mother abandoned her and her father, but it was frustrating to read about. I do think this is a great book for teens, it covers the anxiety felt over dating, kissing, parties etc and it also took a look at the consequences of having a photo taken of you without your permission.

May 03, Dekotah Thompson rated it liked it. I still have to wait until November! I need it now, can't wait much longer. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I jumped straight in no problem without reading the prequel. Eglington mentions tinier details so you won't have any issues going into the story. I've just recently read 10 Blind Dates by Ashley Elston and this book reminded me of it.

A simple, boring rom-com meant to incite love and drama in a Hallmark lover's heart. I fortunately gave this book the high end of 3 stars because I felt that the language was decent and I liked seeing Aurora's thought process as the single protagonist. It ends there. Wow, I didn't know it would be possible to be annoyed by every single character in this despite one.

The only character I liked? And she's in this about less than half the time Aurora is. I liked Sara because she had a spine, contrary to everyone else. And her personality was fitting. Aurora, on the other hand, is incredibly naive.

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Seems like her mom had her because "that's what people are supposed to do" and then realized there were more options in life than having children, so here we see the result. So Aurora is pining after her mother's love throughout this while her mom could give less than a shit, showing the reader all these negative and unkind emotions both in the beginning to the end.

At the same time, Aurora is written to think so much more maturely than a regular year-old in high school is. Already unrealistic, why is Aurora playing matchmaker when her own love life is half of a disaster? Apparently, her Potential Prince from the last book was somebody she ignored for 4 years straight, only falling for him when it's convenient.

Books like these is what makes people take the YA industry less serious. For everyone else, Aurora's father is a hypocrite and a wimp, Jelena has to be the biggest bitch in this whole show, and Mrs. What's-her-face is going to be her step-mom???? So random and uncool. I get her dad deserves to be happy, but his choice for a wife is definitely cuckoo.