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BASE jumping into a plane mid-air - A Door In The Sky

Watch the video below, as Fugen and Reffet explain what went into the feat:. At this point, we figured there was no point in continuing. It felt like the odds were against us and there was nothing we could about it.

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Fred Fugen. Getting used to flying close to the plane. For this kind of feat, the preparation must be optimal to achieve getting back into the flying plane, so the guys took a month off to recuperate and focus. The first day, we got back into the plane. I entered first, and then Fred. We checked the parachutes to see if everything was okay, jumped again, and came back into the plane again.

Then, in mid-October, the Soul Flyers jumped off a cliff, 4,m above sea level, flew 25km further, and finally jumped back into the door of the flying plane.

The Door in the Sky by Sandy Klein Bernstein

The rest, as they say, is history. To connect the home to the land and its history, a stone in the shape of Montana adorns the entrance, and embedded fossils appear in the adjacent stonework. A hand-crafted custom hood over the stove, a textured marble countertop, a patinated steel elevator and reclaimed wood throughout add richness and texture to the design.

The dining area is surrounded by glass on two sides for the sensation of being fully immersed in the view. The texturally-rich master bedroom offers picturesque views of Lone Peak, while a corner direct set window in the master bath allows the homeowners to soak in the surrounding scenery. Year-round Retreat Wishing to share their home with family and friends all throughout the year, the Nortons created a bunk room to accommodate visitors. A convenient steel elevator eases the ascent to the third floor, and for the ultimate connection to the outdoors, a ski room with boot dryers and lockers enables ski-in and ski-out access to the slopes in winter.

The private dwelling maintains an intimate connection to the outdoor environment, allowing the family to live in the view, no matter the season.

The story behind the exploit of the Soul Flyers

The open floor plan, massive areas of glass, expansive door openings, and convenient access to the slopes seamlessly join the indoor and outdoor spaces. The cohesive vision shared by the team led to a unified space that creatively blends natural elements both inside and out. Change country. Log out. Use Pivot glass door. Fully insulated pivot door, can be combined with the Sky-Frame sliding door system, flush transition, filigree profiles.

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