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Chapter 8. Chapter 9. Chapter Despatches From The Front Line? It has been difficult to get a clear picture of what happened next as our mother has told family members several different versions of events over the years.

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One story was that our father turned up out of the blue when she was at work and that he convinced our grandmother to sign the papers that would allow us to be sent to Australia. He turned up with lots of photographs of Australia and told her he was going to train racehorses and that the boys were going to be with him. He convinced her that they would be better off with him. He was a regimental sergeant major and a good talker.

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I think he talked her over. Me older sister Betty agreed with me mum as well and thought it would be better for the boys. There was a bit of a dispute between me and me mum. I tried to go to court to keep the boys in England but lost the case and the boys were sent anyway. As far as I knew their father had gone to Australia too.

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Whatever the case, we were duly assessed by the Fairbridge Organisation which consisted of a medical examination and an IQ test. The medical comprised a urine test and we were all asked to pee in a bottle.

Eddie and Joey had some difficulty with this, but I had no problem at all, so I poured a bit of mine into each of their bottles and we were all declared healthy. For the IQ test we were shown a picture of a bicycle with the front wheel missing then a separate drawing of a wheel.

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We had to tell the assessors what was needed to complete the drawing of the bicycle and budding Einsteins that we were, the three of us passed. With a clean bill of health and being boys of undoubted intelligence, the Fairbridge Organisation was willing to take us on. Email address:. Unable to display Facebook posts. Show error. The Long Way Home.